Welcome to the 100 Friends Project!

I am Marc Gold and I started this small project over 27 years ago, in 1989. The idea is really very simple. Every year many people contribute to the project and I take the money to developing countries and look for the neediest people I can find. I then put the money to work in the most compassionate, appropriate, culturally compatible, constructive and practical manner possible. You put the donation into my hands and I put the funds directly into the hands of the needy individual or family, or a small trusted grassroots organization helping them.

Marc Gold (100 Friends) win the eTown eChievement Award!

Founded in 1991, eTown is a nationally-syndicated radio show heard weekly on over 300 public, community and commercial stations across North America and via podcast.

Nick Forster of eTown checks in with their eChievement Award winner from California to hear about Marc Gold's 100 Friends organization that is providing humanitarian assistance to Third World countries around the world

Click here to hear the 7 minute interview with Marc Gold or watch the video (on right).

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