June 13th 2018 update

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Balibago, The Philippines
Greetings from The Philippines. I am here with Rossel visiting her daughter and family. Her daughter Angelica - now 13 years old - will immigrate next year to live with us in Orange County, California next May, 2018 (but I will still travel to Asia three months per year to visit and assess current projects and create new ones as well)


100 Friends is doing really well. In December we will celebrate our 30th year in operation and we will probably have a celebration in San Francisco later this year.
A few days ago the 10 children staying in the two group homes (hostels) from Community Care Myanmar in Yangon started their second year in the local public school (there are no schools in the squatters camp except what we are able to offer).

First day of school - so excited and happy:


We have a social work, healthcare and emergency support program to augment the education and nutrition programs. Here is one family who received health education, infant formula and immunization for the children. The little girl on the far left is in our hostel program:

10 (2).jpg

The young mother below was beaten and abandoned by her husband. We provided counseling, infant formula, food, emergency funds and re-connected her to her family for further support:


Our new kindergarten is 20 miles outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia has been opened at CBO (Children's Bridge Organization) since November, 2017. Thirty-two children are attending and we have two teachers and a cook on staff. They are learning Khmer (Cambodian), English, basic math, art, dancing and other subjects:

painting (1).png
painting (2).png

painting (3).png
painting 1.png

Here is a sample of some other projects funded by the Kligerman family:

  1. A family living in a village in Indonesia needed (their first) shower with a bucket toilet - cost = $300 - here it is:


  2. Some photos from our new library in Amdo (Tibet):

    More photos of the library are here:


    Here are some photos of my work in Tibet in the past:


  3. A young woman in Kolkata, India named Amrita Jha received a scholarship from 100 Friends. Her letter of thanks is reproduced here:

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