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Laguna Creek and Elk Grove Fundraiser for 100 Friends03.01.12 – The 100 Friends Project

I am Marc Gold and I started this small project 23 years ago, in 1989. The idea is really very simple. Every year many people contribute to the project and I take the money to Developing Countries and look for the neediest people I can find. I then put the money to work in the most compassionate, appropriate, culturally compatible, constructive and practical manner possible. You put the donation into my hands and I put the funds directly into the hands of the needy individual or family, or a small trusted grassroots organization helping them.

Mission Statement: The 100 Friends Project aims to bring direct assistance by means of philanthropic travel to some of the world’s most needy people. I travel personally to Third World countries to carry out humanitarian missions annually and put the money to work in the most compassionate, appropriate, culturally compatible, constructive and practical manner possible, wherever he sees the most deserving need. When at home in the US, I work with thousands of young people to involve them in the project activities, thus planting seeds for future humanitarian work.

Who We Help: The 100 Friends Project provides practical and direct assistance to a diverse range of people in need in Third World Countries. I focus on locating the most needy sector of humanity who are not receiving any aid from other sources. The primary group of people I try to help are those who are among the most vulnerable in society: children, the sick and the elderly. As well as providing funds for medical, educational and subsistence expenses in impoverished areas, I also bring emergency relief to people in countries that have suffered from war and natural disasters. I also provide grants and technical assistance to small local organizations.

Philosophy and Actions: The 100 Friends Project is based on the principle that one person can make a difference. It can take very little money, knowledge or other resources to accomplish miracles. When I speak in front of young people and plant the seeds of philanthropic travel in their minds, I try to impress upon them these principles to inspire them to make a difference in people’s lives. I also help others who are planning to set up similar initiatives. Even the impoverished are encouraged and empowered to continue the cycle of giving by ‘paying it forward’ – performing their own altruistic acts within their own communities. I aim to deliver what I call ‘the magic moment’ – the look on someone’s face when you tell them they will receive a lifesaving operation for their child or an educational opportunity that they could never afford themselves.

Hello Laguna Creek and Elk Grove community. First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to simply look at this post. A few clubs on campus such as NHS and Key Club have taken the initiative to start a community-wide project that will help benefit the 100 Friends Project. A small (yet big-hearted) man by the name of Marc Gold visited our campus back in October and presented to us the cause of his organization. He has no permanent home, for he travels around the world helping these people. He has gone from Iraq to Cambodia to Thailand to India to Tibet and other various countries to help provide people with medicine, surgery (for burns and deformities), schools, libraries, textbooks, food, shoes, etc. It was truly inspiring to hear this man speak as he presented to us pictures of those living in poor conditions. (Trust me, there’s more graphic images on the website.) It’s amazing how much time and dedication he puts into this. Why does he do it? Because he wants to make a difference.

But he’s only one person. How could he possibly make a difference? That’s what Marc Gold initially thought as well. His one dollar toward buying antibiotics for a Tibetan woman with ear infections went a long way. His thirty dollars for a hearing aid restored her hearing. He began to touch one life and continued touching thousands.

Well how could you make a difference? We are selling wristbands throughout school and throughout the town for $3. They simply say “100 Friends for Thailand” on one side and “LCHS Project” on the other. All proceeds will go toward building and filling a library in Thailand (and possibly even another country). And when I say all proceeds I mean all proceeds. The 100 Friends Project gives 100% of donations directly to these people (unlike some organizations that say they do).

A few dollars can go a long way. Feel free to contact me or any fellow Key Club/NHS officers for more details or to purchase one. The website (linked above) also provides further information about the organization. Thank you for your support.

Link to blogpost: http://mzjamiie.tumblr.com/post/15276903434/the-100-friends-project

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