Message from Marc Gold – December 2011

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Greetings from 100 Friends!

Well it’s been 23 years since I started 100 Friends and it’s been a banner year. One goal from the beginning has been to raise and then wisely put to use one million dollars to help the poor. Well, the total raised from 1989 to the present is about $940,000! That means the goal will surely be met in 2012 and I couldn’t have done it without your invaluable and generous help. All those large and small donations really added up.

100 Friends rice scholarship 2011

Your donations help children in Vietnam in the rice – scholarship program of Human Service for Children of Vietnam. Only $205 yearly makes a huge difference to them. 176


I met Dr. Wills in Trivandrum, Kerala, India in 1992. He took me to his poorest patients – all of whom received  assistance from 100 Friends – including this Muslim woman whose husband died the night before, leaving her penniless with three children. Then I didn’t see him for 19 years. But I found him again in April, 2011. Again, he took me to see and help his most needy patients.

Some really good newspaper and magazine articles about 100 Friends have appeared in the past year – take a look:

I’m sending out the annual newsletter but it will come a bit late this year, probably right after New Years. That’s why I’m sending you this message now. There are lots of individuals, families and small local organizations depending on 100 Friends. I’ll show you seven examples of how I’ve been putting your donations to work.

Toys Hanoi

With Hanh, Vietnamese social worker getting toys for the children in The National Hospital for Pediatrics. The kids get toys and the neediest parents get grants for medical bills, medicine and other needs.
So – again – I’m asking for your help. Any donation, any amount – you have my word that I will put your contributions to work in the most practical, efficient, compassionate and appropriate manner possible, just like I’ve been doing for the past 23 years. Your donation is tax deductible and as I always say: “You give it to me and I’ll give it them.”

That’s why I go to villages, schools, orphanages, hospitals, slums, prisons, monasteries and many other places throughout the year. My network of trusted and proven partners keeps getting better all the time.

To donate to 100 Friends click on this button:


A few basic principles and practices of 100 Friends to magnify the impact of your donations:

  • Most people I help agree to “pay it forward” by helping others in turn in their own communities
  • I work with hundreds of children from well-off families in their schools in the United States, Thailand and South Korea. The children raise funds for various projects, I administer these funds to make sure their contribution is spent wisely. Then I document their donations with stories, photos and videos. But what they really like is that I come back to the schools to show the kids what I did with their funds. It makes a big impression on them – hopefully lasting a lifetime.
  • I have trained about 25 people about how to start their own version of 100 Friends
  • Sometimes I find some incredible deals that increases the impact of your donations. 300 pair of reading glasses: $150. 550 wheelchairs: $500. Really.

Here are five examples showing how your donations are being put to work:

  1. Support for Hmong children at the Vietnam-China border. Blankets. Shoes. School supplies. Food.
  2. Cao Bang children

  3. Lhamo comes to America. I met her in Tibet at a remote monastery in 2008. Now she is attending college in California. Girls from her village rarely go past primary school. She’s of course the older girl in this photo, the other child is an orphan who receives a yearly scholarship from 100 Friends.
  4. Lhamo orphan girl

  5. Your donations made it possible to open two libraries in remote Nepali villages. Here are the kids on opening day:
  6. 100 Friends - library in Nepal

  7. Srey Kouch from Cambodia. She was born totally blind. 100 Friends helped her to get eye treatment and her vision went from zero to 15%. Doesn’t sound like much, but now she can see her Mom’s face. And then we found one of the only schools in Cambodia for blind children. Below you can see her before her eye operation and then on her first day in school:
  8. Srey Kouch from Cambodia
    Srey Kouch from Cambodia now
  9. Help for the elderly. This is Long Sombath. She is 100 years old. 100 Friends has been helping her since she was 95. Food. Medicine. Mosquito nets. A fan. Clothing. A bed. Rice. Simple.
  10. Marc Gold and Long Sambath

    You know I’m not kidding when I say I have hundreds of similar stories. But you get the idea. Have a great holiday season and a happy new year and 100 thanks for your continued support and assistance.

    All my best,

    Marc Gold
    100 Friends

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