Namka in Xining, Amdo, Tibet
Hi, I am Namkha from Amdo Tibet. I met Mr. Marc Gold in 2009 in Xining. I usually I call him “uncle” which means he is very close to me. My life was changed by Marc from the night that he asked me about the dreams of my life. After long conversation Marc told me “Hi, Namkha, you have a lot of dreams but no plan”. We sat together in front of his computer and wrote more than 20 questions about what I was going to do for my future, he sent it to me via email and asked me to answer these questions when I was able do it. He also told me the story how to start 100 friends organization after travel to India and saved one Tibetan woman’s life with a few dollars. I was so lucky to hear the conversation between Marc and his father, how mother Trisa [Teresa] pointed him to help the people through an example etc., According to these affective stories I have learnt how I can help others like Marc has done in his life. I know 100 friends because of my uncle Marc. I received great help from 100 friends for my education in the Philippines for 3 years. I have helped local poor people in the Philippines with the funds of 100 friends. 100 friends also extended my mother’s life — she received funds for her medicine. I have been assistant of 100 friends to apply scholarships for Tibetan students whom I personally know that they need the most. Now I am telling my people how to be kind or help others, that these morality that I learnt from the actions of 100 friends and I will try my best to make the world better.
NamkhaXining, Amdo, Tibet