Mae CewwAsil - Indonesia
I first came to know about Marc through my mom who met him when working as a seller on the beach in Lovina, Bali. My mom met Marc and his friend one day at work and as they have a good chat, they came to the house and that was my first time to meet Marc. We really had a nice chat. Marc and his friend were really nice, friendly and funny. We talked a lot about what am I doing. At the time I was a 17 yr old student in Senior High School and also helping mom on the beach as a souvenir seller. Marc and his friends from 100 Friends talked to me about the school, how I was going at school, how can I divide my time between school and work, what motivated me to go to school even though my parent income wasn’t enough. I was so happy when Marc from 100 friends told me that they will help with my school fees, so was my mom and dad as I have a younger sister and brother who were also both at school – it really helped us. School here can very expensive on a small income, It is really hard for people like me to go to school here in Lovina, the expenses are so high. I am so grateful and very very happy when 100 friends helped me for my school. I promised to do well at school. I went to vocational high school for tourism industrial so after I graduated I am able to find a job.Now I am married and living in Sydney, Australia with a good living standard. 100 friends also helped my sister for school and now she is working in our home town as a supervisor in a major hotel. No words can describe how happy and our thanks to Marc and 100 friends. Thank you for your help and kindness to me and my family. My best regards
Mae CeweAsliLovina, Bali, Indonesia