Allen Will - CWG (Community Working Group) Yangon, Myanmar
To All those 100 Friends of Marc Gold, The Community Working Group: Burma, would like to thank you for your wonderful support for this very important work. 100 Friends was the very first organization to help us with this rather unique program. Through the years you have continued to help us help those with very little opportunity. Our team of community volunteers and medics are able to access areas that are often overlooked by government and larger NGOs. CWG is able to meet individual needs through basic medical service, counseling, teaching, escorting, and by providing food supplements, transportation and medicines to those without resources. It is rather overwhelming to see the extent of tragedy in this near collapsed State. Despite the “New Openness” and the rush of investment into this economic frontier the sixty years of mismanaged government has placed millions into poverty with all the accompanying hardships that follow.CWG is uniquely able to get into these impoverished areas and work with individuals, families, and schools.CWG is dependent on the goodwill and kindness of people like you. We operate on a small budget and your contribution has already done more than you might imagine. Thank you for opening your hearts in this special way and know that you have brought some measure of peace to others you may never even meet. CWG is so grateful to Marc Gold and the good folks of “100 Friends”. I would like to let you know to what ends this latest participation of 100 Friends have gone towards. 1,562 Healthy Meals We know that no matter what opportunity, or good circumstance of life may arise for kids we care for in our three day centers, if they are hungry or sick it means little. CWG can provide a nutritious meal once a day for these children. This is what we can do. We do it good. Thanks to you and your 100 Friends. Our “Healthy Meal Program”, together with the educational day care centers, and an eye towards medical intervention, offers stability to children in a quite fragile environment. Cheers to you and thanks so much from all the volunteers here to all the kind folks of 100 Friends.
Allen WillYangon, Myanmar