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I believe many of us worry about money, sometimes to the point of having ridiculous fears totally unfounded in reality. Maybe it’s our worst fears that somehow transform us, making us reach out in ways we might otherwise not do. In any case, several years ago, I read an article in the Pacific Sun that made a strong impression. It talked about a man who, single handedly, travels to remote places in Third World countries and, with small amounts of money, alleviates fears that unfortunately are founded in reality. He uses what for most of us are relatively insignificant amounts of money to transform lives – to pay for a needed operation for a child, to restore hearing for an elderly woman, to buy mattresses for an orphanage where children are sleeping on cold floors, to help families short of food to feed themselves, and to prevent girls from being sold into lives of servitude and abuse.

He sometimes walks by foot for three days to reach remote villages in the Himalayas, where for as little as $35, he can save a girl’s life. By providing her family with this money, she’ll be able to go to school, rather than being sold into a future of misery.
Learning about this man gave me a direct connection to help change things. I wanted to share this information with anyone who might also be interested. The man’s name is Marc Gold and his foundation is called 100 Friends. Articles about his work and his website address are below.

The link to the article I first read in the Pacific Sun is:
The link to Marc’s website is:


His website includes further links to moving articles in Parade Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor.

Sharon Buquen

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  1. Jill Lippitt
    | Reply

    Are you my old travelling companion, Sharon Wapner. If so, how wonderful that I’ve found you……If not, would you kindly let me know?

    • Marc Gold
      | Reply

      Hi Jill,

      I’ve checked with Marc Gold who runs 100 Friends – he thinks that the person who wrote the article is not your friends Sharonn Wapner. Hope you find her…

      Best regards,
      Alison Saracena

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