“Good as Gold” – Jerusalem Post 2011

Good as gold

06/19/2011 14:46

A retired college professor from San Francisco has set out to change lives from Afghanistan to Indonesia – a few dollars at a time.

Marc Gold

Navigating the warren of makeshift squatter shacks in a Bangkok slum built along a railway track, Marc Gold takes a wrong turn and gets hopelessly lost. He winds up at a small mosque in a narrow dead-end alley hung with laundry and redolent of rotting garbage. The American Jew buttonholes a wiry, bare-chested local with a wispy beard and a knitted hat and asks him for directions.

“This happens all the time,” notes Gold, a man who has clocked up enough mileage in his travels over the past two decades to take him around the globe several times over. “In the end I always get there,” he insists. read more…

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