100 Friends Newsletter 2018

Since 1989, 100 Friends has been building schools and libraries, providing scholarships to needy children, donating school supplies to various educational projects, contributing computers and printers, augmenting the salaries of teachers and paying for teacher training workshops.

In this newsletter we will show you some of the diverse ways that your donations to 100 Friends are put to work to offer and improve educational opportunities for literally thousands of students. With the help of our network of donors and local staff you will see the numerous ways we have empowered the students and staff we are assisting.

Whether it is providing scholarships to kids in rural Nepal, cash and food for the elderly in Cambodia, building libraries in Tibet, paying for heart surgery and other medical problems in Vietnam, helping families start small businesses, providing earthquake relief or building homes and schools - 100 Friends has been there since 1989 always filling in the educational gaps and providing for unmet needs when no other help is available. The stories presented here will inspire and inform you.

We hope you find this inspiring. As always, thank you for the incredible support and goodwill over the last 28 years. Since 1989, we’ve raised more than $1.9 million and the work goes on thanks to your ongoing giving. Truly, we can’t do this without you.

100 Friends 2018 Newsletter

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