100 Friends 2014 Newsletter

It’s been about 25 years since 100 Friends was founded back in 1989. Our goal was to raise and distribute one million dollars to the needy in developing countries and we surpassed that goal back in March, 2012. I couldn’t have done it without your help! But why stop there?

Hmoung children
For the past 5 years (with your help!) 100 Friends has been helping Hmoung children near the Chinese border in Vietnam with food, clothing, blankets and educational supplies.

We are continuing to raise funds for:

  • scholarships (especially for girls)
  • income-­generation projects for single mothers or poor parents
  • building schools and libraries
  • providing life-­saving medical assistance for children
  • giving food and cash aid to the elderly
  • donating shelter, clothing, food, transportation and other necessities
  • donating school supplies
  • emergency needs after earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, drought etc.

and much, much more…

To make a tax-­deductible donation to 100 Friends just go here:


100 Friends 25th Anniversary Newsletter

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