Patana News: 100 Friends = 100’s of Ways to Change Lives!

Patana News article on 100 FriendsPosted on 7 October 2011 by Lily McDonald, 11S in Secondary

100 Friends = 100’s of Ways to Change Lives!

100 Friends is a charity organization that was founded by Marc Gold in 1989, and has been operative for 22 years now. Marc Gold has dedicated his life to helping others.

It all started when he went to India for the first time and met a Tibetan woman in the Himalayas who had ear infections. He purchased antibiotics for the mere price of $1 USD, and was able to save her life. With a further $30 USD, he was able to restore her hearing with a hearing aid. “I was shocked to learn that something so important could be accomplished with so little.”

Funds have been donated in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Angola, Laos, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique and Turkey. There is no doubt Marc Gold is an amazing man, and two years ago when he brought 100 Friends to Patana, I was interested in helping him, as were others. I recently became the Community Action team (CAT) Representative for 100 Friends and have decided that this year all of the funds raised will go towards helping underprivileged women to afford proper education, on the borders of Thailand and in Tibet.

In previous years, over 230,000 THB was raised and put towards building a school for refugees.

Marc Gold, the founder of 100 Friends, will be in school next Tuesday. Students are welcome to join Marc and the 100 Friends team for lunch. Contact Mr McDevitt ( for more details.

100 Friends = 100s of ways to change lives!

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