100 Friends

Any amount you care to donate to this project would be deeply appreciated. One dollar, twenty, a hundred – the amount doesn’t matter, just the spirit in which it is given.

If you support this work, I would greatly appreciate it if you could also tell anyone you may know who may be interested in supporting the project. I will be happy to mail you as many printed newsletters as you’d like, or I can email it to you in a pdf format. Contact me at marcgold@100friends.org.

This project is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible charity organization. At least 85% of the funds go directly into the hands of needy individuals and small grassroots organizations. Sometimes we follow-up with donations after an initial grant and sometimes grants are given on a one-time basis.

A dollar goes a long way in a third-world country. Since your money goes directly to those who need it, rather than covering administrative costs or overhead, your donation will make a world of difference!

How to Donate:

Donate by check:
Write a check payable to 100 Friends and send to:

Marc Gold/100 Friends
2140 Shattuck Avenue #2050
Berkeley, CA 94704

Secure Donation by Credit Card:


You may also contact me directly at marcgold@100friends.org if you would like information on how to give directly to any of the organizations that have received support from the project in the past. I know them well and they are 100% honest and effective. It is also possible to support an individual, child, or adult in need.

After September 11, many people felt a need to respond and engage the larger world beyond America and the West. A relatively small percentage of people on the planet have most of the wealth, while the rest of the world is living in deep poverty.

These are the people we are reaching. This project offers an opportunity for ordinary people to contribute to a fund and make a meaningful difference to a small number of people. Anything you can do helps.

Often the funds go toward the welfare of children who may need medicine, clothing or even a small amount of money to pay for education or starting a small family business (a dollar goes a long way in Third World countries!). As you can see from our newsletters, seniors, women, villagers, families and others have also benefited. One never knows exactly how it will turn out… that’s part of the fun of doing the project. People seem to like that this project is “from them to me to someone else,” with nothing in between like a big organization or a lot of red tape.

Thank you for your donation. Your money is literally changing lives – and in some cases, even saving them!