Ly An - Children’s Bridge Organization Cambodia
We are The Children Bridge Organization (CBO) has registered in the ministry of interior of Cambodia in August 24, 2012 which is carrying the main objective of helping and caring of health, education, safety of the children. Recently, we have two main projects, the children library and the English class, where located near Phnom Penh international airport. Since we have started the project, 100 Friends is always a great partner advisor and donor to our project. Here are some projects that we have been doing under the support from 100 Friends. Give prizes to the students (motivation) 100 Friends donated bicycles to the students in English class. Many children from the poor family come to our English class for free. 100 friends had donated the bicycles to the students who study hard and have a good performance in the class. Since we had the prizes for the students, we can see the big improvement and the performance of our English students is getting much more than before. Helping Old Ladies Old Lady in Preyveng, Svayrieng, Kandal, Kampong Speu, (Cambodian Provinces) and the slum area around Phnom Penh have been receiving help from 100 Friends for about 10 years. More than 50 old ladies from the age of 65 years old to 102 years old who are living difficult lives are supported by 100 friends. Among those ladies, the oldest one is Mrs. Long Sambat. She is 102 years old now (in 2014). All of her children and relative died in Pol Pot regime. Recently, she lives in Neakvon Buddish Temple in Phnom Penh. 100 Friends support some rice, fish, dry fish, cooking oil, shampoo, and soap. 100 Friends is like one part of her family to take care her health, buy medicine for her, and provide financial support for her too. There are more various activities that 100 Friends helps the old ladies at the countryside like built the house, fix the roof and also send the old lady to the hospital in some serious cases. Provided scholarship opportunities Through the project of helping the old ladies across the countryside, we figure out the needs of young teenagers who just finish high school and want to come to Phom Penh to have a further education in the university, but the family cannot afford them to go to the university in Phnom Penh. Under the support from 100 friends, those students got monthly financial support and university fees were paid. For instance, Miss Therith who lived in Kandal Province was supported by 100 Friends. There are four members in her family, her grandmother, her mother and her little brother. Her mom is sick (stroke). Her grandmother cannot afford her to go to university. However, under the support from 100 friends, Thearith can come to Phnom Penh and study in the university. Thank you!!Ly An - Children’s Bridge Organization Cambodia On behalf of all Cambodian citizens we would like to pass a big thank you to Marc Gold 100 Friends and all the donors who always support and make the spirit of doing good thing still alive in this society. We wish 100 Friends and all the donors to keep continue this warm heart in order to help more and more people who is still living in a very hard life.
Ly AnExecutive DirectorCambodia