Allan Brown - International Director Compasio Relief & Development
Marc Gold and 100Friends shares our both our heart and our goal of seeing meaningful change in the lives of those who are impacted by poverty and crisis. When Marc and team came to visit our work along the Burma border for the first time, it was soon clear that our two organizations fit very well together. The ease at which 100Friends worked alongside our team and Marc’s enthusiastic open-mindedness to see, feel and then act on the needs he was observing has made this partnership a joy from day-one. Through our partnership with 100Friends, we’ve seen real needs met, lives changed and futures brightened. Our first full-time Burmese medical staff got her start with a grant from 100Friends and continues to work within some of the most vulnerable border communities. A Burmese migrant woman, once given a small amount of startup capital from 100friends was able to start her own small business and move one step further from a life of uncertainty. I’m happy to call Marc and his team both partners and friends of Compasio Relief & Development and look forward to many more years of working together.
Allan BrownInternational DirectorThailand