Lhamo from Kham, Tibet
Before I met Marc Gold, I had never dreamed about getting my bachelor’s degree in this life, especially, I had never dreamed to attend a prestigious college in the USA to get my bachelor’s degree in business and education. I will get my B.A. in December 2015 and I am going to try to get my Master’s Degree as well. Not just getting my degree from a prestigious college that is so good, but I have learned so much about the world since I came to the USA. I have met many friends from the USA and other countries like Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and so on. My horizons have expanded from learning since I learned so much about different cultures and perspectives. I was born in a rural village in Kham (Eastern) Tibet. My parents and grandfather are farmers in their entire lives, and my brother and I are the only person who has been to a college in my village. I am not just my family’s pride, but I am the role model for other village girls, too. 100 Friends has also made it possible for my brother Norbu to attend college. When Marc met him 4 years ago he had only completed 1st grade and now he is in college in India. 100 Friends also provided important help for my parents and grandfather. They are barley farmers, getting old and since my brother and I went for our education 100 Friends provided funds for their living expenses and help on the farm. I was like the frog in the well who sees the world as big as the well size before I met Marc that I just did not have any special expectations in life but grow up and follow my parents’ lives. Marc is like the angel that came to transform my life. He has transformed my life to a completely different way than my parents and I could imagine; and now it seems like the whole world has opened up to me. Since I met Marc, I have changed tremendously. I am an educated woman now, and I am positive and confident about my life. I will use my knowledge and skills to help others in Tibet and elsewhere. I really appreciate 100 Friends Project that has changed my life.
LhamoKham, Tibet