Norbu Dadul - Dharamsala
My respected Marc Gold, At the beginning of my mail I would to say Tashi Delek firstly and of course hope that every thing goes smoothly over there as well as hope you have a good health as I wish. Yeah, when we first met in Dharamsala my English was very poor and I couldn’t talk to you what I felt in my heart then. So I felt very sad and wanted to talk to you many things during that time. As well as when that time I didn’t know how to use the Facebook too. But now I can talk to you by using the English language so I feel very happy. Anyway, what am I is because of you, so by the way I would like to thank you very much once again. I am always welcome you come to my college one day. And I hope the opportunity will come true soon. At last I would like to say thank you once more. All my love
Norbu DadulDharamsala